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Criminal Justice

Students enrolled in Lackawanna College’s Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice will be able to take advantage of the same unparalleled academic and extracurricular services that are hallmarks of the College’s history in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice sets up graduates to pursue careers in law enforcement, criminology, forensics and further legal studies. Plenty of job opportunities are available to individuals with bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice. However, many people choose to build on these degrees by earning master’s degrees or doctorates in the discipline.

Read more details below about Lackawanna College’s bachelor’s degree in criminal justice program.

What You Learn from a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Our Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice is a four-year program that encompasses a range of criminological and legal subjects. The program will allow graduates to:

  • Prepare for a career in the criminal justice field by applying fundamental management theories and techniques through project-based coursework.
  • Examine the interface between victims and various components of the criminal justice system.
  • Survey the theories, principles, concepts, and techniques of crisis intervention.
  • Examine various aspects of terrorism including historical roots, motivations, and responses.
  • Analyze the private security field.
  • Complete more than 200 internship hours designed to provide experiential work and practical education.
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

What Do You Study for a Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree?

A four-year bachelor’s degree in criminal justice introduces students to all the foundational concepts of the criminal justice field in the United States. Students will learn what criminal justice is, what criminology entails, how the US legal and court systems work, and what forensics is like. Internships will also offer students the real-world experience they need to succeed after graduation.

When enrolling in a bachelor’s program in Criminal Justice at Lackawanna or any institute of higher education, students can expect to take courses such as:

  • Introduction to criminal justice
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Crime prevention
  • Law enforcement
  • Forensic science
  • Forensic psychology
  • Juvenile justice
  • Criminal justice ethics
  • Criminal justice research methods

Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Careers

Lackawanna’s bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is designed to prepare students for employment locally, regionally, or nationally, whether those jobs are in law enforcement, social work, or another criminal justice subset.

Many jobs are available to holders of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science degrees. Although these careers are all different, they are united in their concentrations on protecting public safety and order.

Career options with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice include:

  • Police officer/detective
  • Probation officer
  • Private investigator
  • Legal assistant
  • Clinical laboratory technician
  • Correctional officer
  • Homeland Security investigator

For context, prospective students should know that the 2018 median wage for police and sheriff’s patrol officers was $61,380, while the 2019 median salary for social workers was $50,470. The 2019 median wage for legal occupations was $81,820, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau also called for a 10% job growth in community, social service and legal occupations between 2014 and 2024.

Apply Now to Our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program

Lackawanna College is committed to offering affordable local options for students from NEPA and beyond who are looking to earn bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice. We also accommodate students in existing related majors to complete their associate degrees and transfer directly into the bachelor’s degree program. Flexible scheduling including Summer Session and Intersession courses can accelerate students’ path to graduation. Some students will be able to earn their bachelor’s degrees in just three years at Lackawanna.

Overall, prospective students who are considering a career in criminal justice stand to benefit greatly from a bachelor’s degree from Lackawanna College. Through our diverse curriculum, students will learn career-related skills such as criminal law, police operations and criminology. Our well-rounded approach to the field is designed to produce dynamic graduates and career-ready employees.

Interested applicants are asked to complete our inquiry form to express their interest in Lackawanna’s Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science program. This is the first step toward an exciting and dynamic career in the criminal justice field!


Lackawanna College is approved by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education to grant bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and professional certificates and is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, which is designated as a National Accrediting Agency by the U.S. Office of Education.