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Business Administration

For many well-paying jobs, you need to have a college education to be considered. If you want to be able to explore more career options to find a path you’re passionate about, an associate degree in business administration can help. A degree in business is extremely practical and can help you achieve your unique goals.

At Lackawanna College, we help students develop the most in-demand skills in the business world today to prepare them to enter the workforce or continue their education. We offer a two-year associate degree in business administration that leaves students ready for whatever path they decide on.

Are you interested in studying business? Learn more about how you can benefit from earning a business administration associate degree from Lackawanna College.

What Are Business Students Taught?

The business administration program teaches students the fundamentals of the business world. Business students will learn how to be knowledgeable consumers, while exploring the many aspects of the local and international economy. In this degree program, students will be prepared for the corporate world as it strengthens their personal understanding of how business affects everything we do.

During this two-year degree program, students will learn to:

  • Analyze business promotion through textbook study, field trips, guest speakers, and projects.
  • Identify all aspects of the employment process, including interviewing, hiring, evaluation, termination and severance plans.
  • Recognize the global perspective on business principles and practices.
  • Master management theories and techniques and apply them to today’s business environment.
  • Use the best methods of assimilating information and transform it into verbal and statistical reports essential for managers.
  • Master E-Commerce concepts and skills.

Our associate degree in business administration is one of the degrees offered in our Accelerated Part-Time Program. With this program, students can study part-time and still graduate in just over two years.

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What Does the Business Administration Curriculum Include?

Students in our business administration program sample various aspects of business as a part of our curriculum. The courses included in the two-year program will help create a foundation for students to eventually build on after they earn their associate degree. Our curriculum allows students to explore the different possibilities business has to offer and learn more about what they can do in this field.

Topics that students will be introduced to in this program include:

  • Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Communications

What Do Students Do After Graduating?

The concepts and skills students learn in our business program can be easily transferred to a wide-range of positions. A business administration degree provides a strong foundation for almost any career because components of the curriculum can be found in every facet of the working world. There will always be positions available for workers who excel at different aspects of business, like accounting, marketing and sales. After earning an associate degree in business administration, students can work in virtually any industry in a variety of entry-level positions, including:

  • Human Resource Generalists
  • Data Analysts
  • Sales Supervisors
  • Customer Service Supervisors

It’s common for many of our students to continue their education after graduating with an associate degree and enroll in our business bachelor’s degree program. Through the bachelor’s degree program, students can expand on what they’ve already learned in the associate degree curriculum and gain real-life experience work in an internship. With these opportunities, students will have even more career options available to them.

Apply for an Associate Degree in Business Administration

An associate degree in business administration is an incredibly versatile educational path to take. At Lackawanna College, you can find the aspect of business that interests you the most so that you can develop your skills and find a career you’re passionate about. Once you’ve earned your associate degree, you can apply for various jobs in different industries or seamlessly transfer into our business bachelor’s program.

Are you ready to begin your journey towards a successful career? Fill out our inquiry form to get started or call us at 877-346-3552 to go over any questions.

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