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Criminal Justice

Prospective students who are interested in the criminal justice system–including the police, court system, corrections and rehabilitation, counseling, therapy and probation–would be perfect candidates for Lackawanna College’s Associate of Science in Criminal Justice program.

Throughout this two-year program, students will learn about the purpose of the American criminal justice system, the legal process and the various options for criminal correction. After completing our associate degree program, students in the criminal justice track will be prepared for various non-police employment opportunities such as corrections officers or emergency dispatchers.

Learn more below about Lackawanna College’s associate degree in criminal justice program.

What You Learn from an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is an umbrella term that encompasses various aspects of the US legal system. Upon earning an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Lackawanna, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand the three major components, the history, and the role of the criminal justice process: the police, the courts, and the various forms of corrections and rehabilitation.
  • Enumerate alternatives to incarceration, including probation and parole, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and mental health care.
  • Support the clients within the correctional systems and their rights regarding treatment, correctional classification, pre-release programs and community-based correctional programs.
  • Understand the role of the juvenile as a subcomponent of the larger criminal justice system and the issues of interfacing the juvenile system including the process and components of the juvenile justice system, including terminology, the police, the courts, and corrections.
  • Realize the partnership of the police and community as a strategy to deter or minimize crimes including family violence, sexual assault, drug and alcohol-related crimes; problems in citizen relations, including treatment of victims, witnesses, and jurors; citizen involvement in the legal process as well as homicides.
Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

What Do You Study for an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice?

Lackawanna College packs a great deal of useful and practical information into our two-year Associate of Science in Criminal Justice program. It is also worth noting that the criminal justice major is part of Lackawanna’s Accelerated Part-Time program, which allows students to obtain an associate degree in a little over two years on a part-time basis.

No matter when students complete their associate degree, they can expect to participate in courses that cover a range of criminal justice subjects, including:

  • Introduction to criminal investigations
  • Criminology
  • Criminal law
  • Quantitative methods in criminal justice
  • Criminal justice ethics
  • Critical analysis of the US criminal justice system
  • Correctional systems

These are only some of the subject areas that students will study in our associate program. This information provides students with the knowledge foundations necessary to seek a variety of entry-level positions in the larger criminal justice system. Graduates also have the option to take their education further to earn a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice or to go on to train at the Lackawanna College Police Academy to become a police officer.

Career Options with an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

An Associate of Science in Criminal Justice can be a versatile tool once graduates get into the employment field. In addition to becoming law enforcement officers, individuals with this degree can go on to become probation or correctional officers, court officials, bailiffs, legal assistants, emergency dispatchers, security guards and social workers. Any of these positions guarantees that individuals will spend almost all of their time around courts and the legal system.

Apply Now to Our Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Program

Students who earn an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice from Lackawanna College will be well positioned to begin performing in one of a variety of roles within the criminal justice system. Interested students can also take their two years of foundational learning and apply those credits toward a bachelor’s degree to open up even more career opportunities

Interested candidates should complete our inquiry form to indicate their interest in Lackawanna College and this program specifically. Please contact us at (877) 346-3552 if you have any questions or concerns.


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