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Human Services

Countless members of our society rely on human services to give them the support they need. Thanks to these services, many people can get access to basic amenities and counseling. Anyone can find themselves in a situation that requires them to use these services, which are extremely important to ensure all members of our community are taken care of.

If you want a career that will give you the chance to make a difference in people’s lives, studying human services is the way to make it happen. Lackawanna College offers an associate degree in human services that will help you learn the skills you’ll need to serve others.

Are you interested in an education that can prepare you for a career working with members of your community? Learn more about what Lackawanna College’s associate degree in human services offers.

What Does the Human Services Program Entail?

The Human Services curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work with people in various helping relationships. Students in this program will study topics like philosophy, sociology and psychology to teach them how they can effectively assist others in challenging situations.

The curriculum offered in our human services program aims to:

  • Acquaint students with the human services profession and the agencies, programs and careers included within this designation.
  • Introduce students to the stages of intellectual, emotional and social development and individual experiences as they move through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.
  • Familiarize students with recognized exceptionalities in individual development and group pathologies, such as racial discrimination or gender bias, that can affect an entire society.
  • Show students how and why certain counseling theories and techniques lead to interventions that markedly improve the psycho-social lives of individuals and families.
  • Explain thoroughly how controlled substances of various types alter mood and behavior in those who abuse them and adversely impact society as a whole.

The human services associate degree is also offered as one of our Accelerated Part-Time Programs. This allows students to study part time, while still allowing them to graduate with an associate degree in just over two years.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

What Will Human Services Students Learn?

Our human services curriculum shows students the obstacles they’ll face in their careers and how they can solve them. As human services professionals, students will deal with many different challenges as they serve their communities. To give them the ability to help those in difficult circumstances, they need a well-rounded education that will prepare them for anything.

Some of the topics the human services curriculum covers includes:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Drugs and Behavior

What Can You Do With A Human Services Associate Degree?

Nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations that serve the community all need skilled human service workers. There are a number of different situations that can cause someone to require social services, all of which need workers trained to do that unique work. Our graduates can go on to work as human service aids in educational, rehabilitation and other social service institutions.

Although this is a two-year program, it also puts students in a good spot to continue their education after graduation. Our program gives students the foundation to further their education in human services, education, psychology, sociology or social work. After earning your associate degree, you can build on what you’ve learned at Lackawanna to take your career in the field even further.

Earn Your Associate Degree Today

Human services are an extremely important aspect of our society. Many members of our community rely on dedicated human services workers to provide important services and resources. If you feel called to help others through your career, you can make a big impact working in a human services role. At Lackawanna College, we can help you develop the skills you’ll need to to excel at your future role and improve the community by helping those in need.

If you’re interested in earning your associate degree in human services, fill out our inquiry form or call us at 877-346-3552 to learn more.


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