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Since its formation in 1894, Lackawanna College’s mission has always been to provide a quality education to all persons who seek to improve their lives and better the communities in which they live.

That tradition continues at the Sunbury Center, located in Sunbury Plaza in central Pennsylvania.

The College’s hallmarks – focused class sizes, progressive curriculum, and unparalleled student support have expanded higher education opportunities for students in Northumberland County, the Central Susquehanna Valley, and its surrounding regions.

If you live in Sunbury or the surrounding valley and have been looking for a quality higher education in Northumberland County, consider attending the Lackawanna College Sunbury Center.

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The Lackawanna College Sunbury Center offers students plenty of online and in-person educational opportunities.

From bachelor’s degrees in business and criminal justice to associate degrees in accounting and cyber security to certificates in various administrative support disciplines, the curriculum at the Sunbury Center prepares students to secure employment and succeed in competitive fields.

See the full list of course offerings below.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees are available exclusively online through the Sunbury Center.

*requires six credits at our Scranton campus

Certificate Programs

Our available degree options will provide students at our new center with pathways to earn their bachelor’s degree at Lackawanna College or transfer their degree to colleges and universities across the country.

That’s one of the qualities that students look for in colleges in Sunbury. Lackawanna College is happy to do whatever it takes to help students succeed.


Our Sunbury Center has career-focused bachelor’s and associate degrees in fields such as cyber security, business, nursing, accounting, sports management, and petroleum and natural gas.

Students can live at home, saving them money on both their cost of living and college tuition!

Conveniently located in the Sunbury Plaza near multiple local businesses, students can easily attend in-person classes or complete their degree or certificate online.

The Sunbury Center offers free parking, and students have access to the local YMCA. The Sunbury Center works closely with community partners within the Greater Susquehanna Valley to provide programming that responds to the needs of a 21st-century workforce.


All these things are why the Lackawanna College Sunbury Center stands out for students looking for higher education in Sunbury.

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Enrolling in and attending college is a major step in the right direction for those who want to improve their standing in life.

Lackawanna College always strives to provide educational opportunities to any students who want to improve their lives. That’s why we are proud to offer bachelor’s, associate, and certificate programs at our Sunbury Center.

Prospective students who are ready to take the next step in bettering themselves can contact the Lackawanna College Sunbury Center to learn more or apply.

Enroll in a program at the Sunbury Center today!

Sunbury Center
1145 N. 4th Street
Sunbury, Pa. 17801
(570) 988-1931

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We’d love to hear from you! Lackawanna College Sunbury Center provides a supportive environment to help guide you from the admissions process to academic planning and all the way through graduation.

Sunbury Center

1145 N 4th St
Sunbury, PA 17801

PHONE: (570) 988-1931