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Our society is in constant need of skilled workers to develop and promote sustainable ways to support local food production. With these workers in high-demand, more people are taking advantage of these opportunities and getting an education that makes them great candidates for one of these positions.

At Lackawanna College, we can help students succeed in a number of careers in the agricultural field through our associate degree in agribusiness. This program, offered only at our Lake Region Center, is a two-year program where students will learn what goes into providing their community with high-quality food products.

Want to know more about getting an associate degree in agribusiness from Lackawanna College? Here, you can learn more about this popular program and what it has to offer.

What Do Agribusiness Students Learn?

Curriculum content and expectations of Lackawanna College Lake Region Center’s agribusiness program align with the priorities set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture. Agribusiness requires students to learn not only important agricultural practices and related sciences, but also the business side of today’s agriculture, like marketing and economics. Of course, many agribusiness careers require workers to manage a variety of hands-on tasks. Courses in this program, such as organic crop production, sustainable livestock management, and plant propagation, help prepare students for hands-on work in their future careers. A required internship also gives students experience in the agribusiness field before they graduate from the program.

The goals of our associate degree in agribusiness program include:

  • Students and graduates will demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in all academic and externships and/or field studies
  • Students and graduates will apply conceptual knowledge to practice sustainable agriculture
  • The program will enhance the practice of sustainable agriculture in our communities by partnering with agriculture community leaders.
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What Does our Agribusiness Program Include?

In agribusiness, there are numerous jobs available, all of which require different skill sets. Our course curriculum will help prepare students for the range of jobs in this field and introduce them to various topics in this industry. Our diverse curriculum allows students to learn more about the various areas of study within agribusiness.

Here are a few examples of the classes our agribusiness students are enrolled in:

  • Sustainable Farm Maintenance
  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Plant Science
  • Farm Business Management

What Can You Do With an Associate Degree in Agribusiness?

A career in agribusiness gives you the opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of all members of the community. Agribusiness is based on the principles of environmental health, economic profitability and social and economic equality. We all depend on the success of the agricultural industry, and there are many different positions in agribusiness to make it happen. The need for new, skilled workers in this field are also increasingly in demand as the need for ethically sourced food increases and the current workforce ages.

Some careers that students in agribusiness might go on to pursue include farm laborers, managers or entrepreneurs. There are also agribusiness careers available at farm bureaus and agencies. Careers in this field can vary greatly, allowing workers to find a position fit for their unique talents and abilities.

There are also many opportunities available for students with an associate degree in agribusiness that will help them build on what they’ve learned in the program. After earning your degree, you might choose to pursue additional courses in turf management, forestry or other agricultural certification or degree programs. If you intend to further your education in the future, there are plenty of opportunities to do so once you earn an associate degree in agribusiness from Lackawanna College.

Enroll at Lackawanna College Today

If you want a career that’s both challenging and fulfilling, agribusiness could be right for you. Lackawanna College Lake Region Center’s agribusiness degree takes an educational approach to a specialty field that is rapidly expanding as efforts are sought across the country to maintain farmlands through economically viable ways. We give students the knowledge and experience they need to excel in this growing field.

Let Lackawanna College help you accomplish your goals by offering a quality education. Fill out our inquiry form to take the first steps towards earning your associate degree in agribusiness or call us at (570) 226-4625 for more information.


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