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Institutional Governance

Lackawanna College offers numerous opportunities for internal and external constituents to meaningfully participate in governance activities, including the following:

Governing Body Scope of Authority Reports To Assessment of Structure
Board of Trustees
*functions according to Board of Trustee bylaws
Approval of mission, vision, and institutional strategic plans;
Approval of institutional annual budget;
Hiring and assessment of College leadership
N/A Annual Board of Trustee participation survey
President’s Cabinet
*comprised of President, Executive Vice President/Provost, COO and VPs
Administration of college operations in support of mission, vision, and institutional strategic plan;
Resource allocation decisions;
Strategic-level institutional initiatives
President Dr. Jill A. MurrayRegular, collegial dialog about effectiveness of meeting format and Cabinet parameters
Institutional Strategic Planning Group
*comprised of a sampling of department leaders and staff members
Identification and discussion of institutional initiatives in support of institutional strategic plan;
Responsible to bring discussions and action items with department, including supervisors and direct reports
TJ Eltringham; Chief Operating OfficerFeedback solicited after each session by EVP, as well as between sessions; changes made to direction, content, group composition, etc as a result of feedback
Standing and Ad-Hoc CommitteesFormed for an express purpose and with a specific charge of making recommendations to one of more Vice PresidentsVice President(s) convening the CommitteeAssessment of whether charge is met and purpose is accomplished
Academic Divisions
*comprised of full-time faculty
Curriculum content of programs and courses within each academic division;
Assessment of student learning outcomes in division courses and programs
Academic Dean

Chairs: Academic Development – Karolyn DeMarco

Allied Health – Kelly Musti

Business/CIS – Carolyn Chupko

Humanities – Dr. Brian Fanelli

Math and Science – Lynn DeSanto

Petroleum and Natural Gas – Sue Gumble

Social Science – Nicole Bradigan
Feedback collected through Academic Division Chairs; faculty participation; assessment of completed division initiatives shared annually with the academic administration; faculty surveys conducted every three years
Curriculum Committee Review and approve or deny all changes to curriculum Chair: Developmental Education Specialist Shelley GowerMeetings held, meeting outcomes
Technology Committee Discuss technology opportunities as related to faculty and the teaching and learning environment; make recommendations for improvement Developmental Education Faculty Christine KiehartMeetings held, meeting outcomes
Assessment Committee Promote best practices in student learning outcome assessment, review and approve assessment tools, create and monitor program level evaluation schedule Committee Chair: Karolyn DeMarcoMeetings held, meeting outcomes
Faculty Affairs Committee Recommend faculty promotions in rank Professor Larry PuglieseMeetings held, rank recommendations
Disciplinary Appeal Board Hear disciplinary appeals and make recommendation to the President Dean:

Kris Liebegott
Hearing held; recommendations made to President
LC Reads Committee Choose LC Reads book annually and plan/implement activities Academic Dean

Chair: Christine Kiehart, Developmental Education Faculty
LC Reads activities held; participation level
PTA Program Advisory Board Share ideas and make recommendations about PTA program improvement related to curriculum, policies, lab equipment, etc. PTA Program Director

Meegan Murray
Meetings held; meeting outcomes
Sonography Advisory Board Share ideas and make recommendations about sonography program improvement related to curriculum, policies, lab equipment, etc. Sonography Program Director

Stephanie McDaniels
Meetings held; meeting outcomes
Surgical Technology Advisory Board Share ideas and make recommendations about surg tech program improvement related to curriculum, policies, lab equipment, etc. Surgical Technology Program Director Mary Lou DotzelMeetings held; meeting outcomes
Student Wellness Committee Collaborate, review, and develop wellness programming initiatives; provide training to staff Marsha Pigga, Executive Director, Student Wellness ProgramStudent wellness programs held; satisfaction rates
Health Fair Committee Plan and execute annual Employee Health Fair Vice President for HR

Renee Mundy
Fair held; participation and satisfaction rates
Perkins Advisory Group Share ideas and report outcomes related to vocational education strategies Academic Dean
Suzanne Cercone

Michelle McGloin
Meetings held; meeting outcomes
Campus Club Coalition Develop collaborative programming with all student groups and provide leadership opportunities Student Life Coordinator/Veterans Advisor Catherine FoxMeetings held; meeting outcomes
Lackawanna College Educational Association (Collective Bargaining Unit) Negotiation of working conditions for collective bargaining unit members (faculty) N/A

Contact: Lawrence Pugliese, Faculty/LCEA President
Communications Committee

*comprised of college-wide staff members
Communicating new initiative/changes through a college-wide mechanism Director of Marketing and Communications Sharon LynettAssessment of effectiveness of the College’s communication strategies
Facilities Master Planning Committee

**comprised of college-wide staff members
Analyze space opportunities and recommend strategies and decisions about physical resources Director of Facilities

Derek Gregory
Director of Facilities
Derek Gregory
Student Policy Review Committee

*comprised of student engagement staff members, includes student representation
Analyze and make recommendations related to student policies including but not limited to discipline, resident life, and student life Associate Vice President of Student Engagement Dan LaMagnaChanges made to the Student Handbook and student related policies/ procedures
Academic Policy Committee

*comprised of academic and student engagement staff, as well as faculty
Analyze and make recommendations related to academic policies Vice President of Academic Affairs

Chair: Cynthia Cimini, Associate Registrar
Changes made to the academic policies and procedures
Student Government Association Represent the student’s voice and work toward methods of enhancing the student experience;

Propose changes to existing policies or new policies on behalf of student constituents
Student Life Coordinator/Veterans Advisor Catherine FoxSGA level