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White Apron Academy

Adult Cooking Classes & Kids’ Summer Camps

Learn to make impressive meals for your friends and family with adult cooking classes offered at Lackawanna College through the Lackawanna College White Apron Academy.

Lackawanna’s professional chef instructors will walk learners of all skill levels through the cooking process in a fun, relaxed environment.

Along with learning how to cook a meal from scratch, chef instructors will provide trade secrets to food and wine pairing. All classes are BYOB and a wine pairing suggestion will be offered for each class.

Adult cooking classes are non-credit and open to the community.

Kids Baking and Culinary Summer Camps

Kids baking and culinary summer camps are back and in-person for 2021! These camps keep kids engaged and help them learn useful skills in a safe and controlled environment. Our expert Lackawanna College chef instructors will guide your littles through making delicious meals and baking delectable treats.