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This is Life Changing

Lackawanna College’s open admissions policy and affordable tuition rates make it possible for more students to achieve their dream of going to college.

The education we provide opens the opportunity for graduates to find fulfilling careers, continue into one of our bachelor’s degree programs, or transfer an associate degree to another institution.

If an associate or bachelor’s degree is the only thing standing between you and the career you’ve always wanted, then Lackawanna College is here to help you make it happen!

Learn more about our admissions processes here.

How Does Our Open Admissions Process Work?

Because one of Lackawanna’s goals is to help as many students get college degrees as possible, we maintain an open admissions policy.

An open admissions policy simply means that for non specialty programs any student with a high school diploma or GED has the opportunity to be accepted. 

One still crucial part of our application process is the ACCUPLACER placement exam. This is a multiple-choice assessment that students must take as part of college acceptance unless they have submitted acceptable SAT or ACT scores.

Once you complete the assessment (and we receive your results), our admissions staff uses your score alongside your high school transcripts to decide which course level will be right for you. Our levels include developmental, transitional, and college.

Applicants who score in the developmental or transitional course levels are placed in a remedial set of courses to gain the core skills taught in those classes.

Note that Lackawanna College’s open admissions policy is also a rolling one, meaning we accept applications for a semester until the first day of that semester’s classes.

What Else Do You Need to Apply?

Our mission is always to make it easy for prospective students to apply to Lackawanna College. However, there are some non-required elements that will nonetheless make you a more attractive candidate for acceptance!

Along with your required high school/GED transcripts, students may elect to submit SAT or ACT scores. These will help with course placement. Students who submit strong SAT or ACT scores do not have to take Lackawanna’s ACCUPLACER exam.

Along with their applications, students may also submit personal essays or letters of recommendation expressing why they would make good students at Lackawanna. These materials can help your candidacy but are not required.

Finally, once we extend acceptance letters to prospective students, those students must pay commitment fees to guarantee their places in the next freshman class. These fees are $100 for commuters and $375 for residents.

We look forward to seeing your applications come through to us at Lackawanna College!