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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) five-month professional certification program at Lackawanna College gives each student a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and its suite of programs, which are used in many office and business settings.

Each student will prepare and sit for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in applications in the Microsoft Office 2016 system. The certifications focus on demonstrating skills using Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system. Candidates must pass one certification exam to earn a MOS certification. Students who pass the specialist exam will show that they can meet globally recognized performance standards.

In addition, each student will receive instruction in Business Communications, Accounting 1, and Customer Service Skills.

Even in workplaces where employees use the Microsoft Office suite all the time, there is always more to learn about these programs. Getting a Microsoft Office certification demonstrates to current and future employers that employees are willing and able to put the time into improving their core competencies in this valuable set of apps.

Why Enroll in Our Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Program?

Lackawanna’s Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) professional certification program instills in students the necessary knowledge and skills to be proficient in the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) professional certification from Lackawanna College prepares students to become proficient in Microsoft Office products, which is an in-demand skill that will make you more marketable and valuable to employers. 

Employment that can be obtained once certified can include: administrative assistant, office administrator and data entry associate among many others.

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Is a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Worth it?

Skills in Microsoft Office are critical to a well-run office and business in any industry. The Microsoft Office Specialist professional certificate program gives students comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office as well as business communications, accounting, customer service skills, and more.

Students will take MOS certifications in using Microsoft Office apps and the Windows operating system. Students will have the necessary skills to obtain a position in a variety of office and information management settings.

Even given that, some prospective students may wonder if getting certified as a Microsoft Office specialist is worth it. The truth is that, despite how widespread the use of Microsoft Office is in workplaces around the world, people probably use only the most basic features of the apps.

Obtaining a MOS will not only teach students brand-new skills in Word, Excel, and the other programs, but it will also look positive on a resume. It would show current and former employers that candidates are not content to do only what is asked of them, but that they are willing to learn and better themselves for their jobs.

Continuing education, especially when employees take it on by themselves, can impress employers and make the employees look much more valuable. Therefore, students who enroll in our MOS program stand to become more attractive job candidates based on the new skills they have learned and their willingness to improve themselves at all.

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Why Choose Lackawanna College?

Lackawanna College’s Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) professional certification program is affordable and trains students to enter or re-enter the workforce with in-demand skills that will make you more marketable and valuable to employers. 

This program runs 550 hours (25 hours per week for 22 weeks), after which a certificate is rewarded. This course is available at the Scranton Campus, Hazleton Center, Lake Region Center and Towanda Center.

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