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Important Continuing Education Update
March 27, 2020

Lackawanna College’s Continuing Education Department reacts quickly to the needs of employers and students of all ages to provide the very best in continuing education. Employees who would like to advance in their careers by going back to school can access all the training and up-to-date programming they need through Lackawanna’s continuing education programs.

Whether it is through online learning modules, in-person instruction, or on-site presentations, our programs are designed to meet the needs of our region’s busiest consumers. Convenient classes are available days, evenings, and weekends!

We’re here to help! Call the Office of Continuing Education at (570) 961-7813 to inquire about or apply to current programs or suggest new ones.


Lackawanna College features a wide range of continuing education programs designed to cater to as many types of professionals as possible.

Learn about some of our most popular program areas below.


The Lackawanna College Training Institute educates non-traditional students in the subject areas they need to know about to get back into the job market for in-demand positions. The institute features special programming specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, U.S. Department of Labor, or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.


Our workforce development at Lackawanna College involves communicating with local employers on what kinds of education and training they need their employees to have and then implementing these programs at our school.

We educate and prepare workers for advancement in fields such as healthcare, finance, and the trades.


At Lackawanna College, we realize our students may lead busy lives that don’t allow them to attend in-person classes on set schedules.

We do everything we can to accommodate these students by providing them with online training and certificate programs. Online programs at Lackawanna College allow the working professional to learn at a comfortable pace while still fulfilling life’s other obligations.

With online classes, students will also enjoy more instructor time and the reduced costs of not having to pay for transportation, meals, or housing.


We realize at Lackawanna College that education isn’t always about sitting through lessons and getting good grades. Ideally, students will want to better themselves personally as they learn about their chosen subjects.

To encourage this kind of self-improvement, Lackawanna offers personal enrichment programs that can complement any educational track. These eight-week, non-credit programs train students in subjects ranging from business social media to American sign language to sales skills to problem-solving.

All of these are skills that can make one candidate shine over another when it comes to getting a job.


To help the youth of Lackawanna County and the surrounding region learn vital skills before entering college, Lackawanna College offers various youth programs that provide attendees with academic sessions and personal-growth lessons.

Our summer youth programs have covered topics such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and developing creativity.


Lackawanna College is also proud to be a site for GED testing for those who need to earn their General Educational Development credential. The testing center is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday. Please contact Bridget Duggan, Youth Program Manager at (570) 961-7883 for more information.

Prospective students who wish to return to school to become educated in environmental protection can do so with Lackawanna College. At our Environmental Education Center in Covington Township, students can earn certificates in sustainable leadership, green and renewable energy, and beekeeping.


Students who work in fields in which they have the chance to get ahead and become leaders can benefit from Lackawanna’s Sustainable Leadership certificate program.

This 16-credit program lasts nine months and teaches students skills such as problem-solving and systems thinking in the context of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


The Child Development course provides the required training for Early Learning Center staff to apply for their CDA credential. Participants will earn nine Lackawanna College credits upon successful completion of all three parts.


This three-part course is for students interested in careers as Early Learning Center directors or aspiring directors looking to apply for a PA Directors Credential. Participants will earn nine Lackawanna College credits upon completing all three parts. 


Lackawanna College’s mission is to provide a quality education to everyone who seeks to better their lives, and we want to fulfill our mission at every turn. That means offering a rich selection of solutions for those who wish to pursue continuing education and professional development.

We encourage you to apply to one of our continuing education programs now, or contact the Office of Continuing Education at (570) 961-7813 to learn more about our selections.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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